Super Bowl LI has arrived. The two best teams of the NFL, lead by their quarterbacks Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, are hoping to lead their teams to a Super Bowl LI championship.  In this spirit, Seremedi a Houston based digital software company and the makers of CareScriptions a mobile care management solution is delivering the “Quarterback of Care” enabling care teams to achieve winning outcomes for their patients!

CareScriptions changes the game for preparation and recovery from surgical procedures.  Surgical "quarterbacks" and their “surgical team” offensive line, connect with their “patients,” the care receivers, through CareScriptions from their mobile devices ensuring everyone, including the patient, is working from the same playbook.  Patients know when they should take their medications, do their physical therapy exercises, and record their vital signs and symptoms.  Surgical teams receive this critical data in real-time, increasing their window of visibility into how their patient is preparing for or recovering from surgery.  Knowing the play-by-play of how the receiver is doing, such as vital signs, medication compliance, and patient reported outcomes, allows the entire team to monitor the patient and make adjustments to treatments to enhance recovery.  Early detection of potential adverse events leads to quicker intervention, better recovery outcomes, and a faster return to the "field."  CareScriptions helps your team work as a team to win the Super Bowl of healthy outcomes for your patients!