Can providers deliver patient-friendly journeys without patient’s participating in designing the journey? Many of the patient-centric care models being delivered today fall short of being patient-friendly. Many of these models lack awareness of what patients truly want. They feel a lot like when the director of the movie “Being John Malkovich “was telling John Malkovich what John Malkovich feels and thinks vs. asking him how he feels and thinks. I’m truly blessed to be working with clinicians who are inviting their patients  to the table to create virtualized care models that delight patients, reduce cost, risk and create better health outcomes. Come check out the panel discussion with Dr. Mary Austin, myself and others on "Putting Patients First - A Design Thinking and Doing Approach to Patient-Centered Innovation" at the Health Impact Southwest event at The Texas Medical Innovation Center (TMCx) on Thursday April 12, 2018. For anyone interested in attending this event, please use code HISPKR30 during registration to receive a 30% discount off standard registration.”  #Patientadvocate #virtualcare #connectedcare