David Hoke, Sr. Director Associate of Health and Wellbeing for Walmart article Here's what Walmart says about non-traditional companies moving into healthcare was extremely insightful. Having sat in several meetings where provider healthcare teams talk themselves out of implementing digital technology that would make it easier for consumers to better self-care and easily report outcomes, I understand why non-traditional healthcare companies like Amazon and Walmart are entering the healthcare industry. As a mega employer, they recognize the current model of delivering most healthcare services onsite at healthcare result in higher costs for insurers and lost wages for hourly workers. While it makes sense for trauma care, the availability of enabling technologies make it less necessary to require most healthcare services be done onsite. This shift in thinking by consumers has been in the works for some time. It’s being accelerated by higher deductibles, the volatility of insurance networks which are breaking long standing doctor-patient relationships and more affordable and desirable digital solutions, IoT, wearables and mobile devices. Consumers and employers are ready. Providers are lagging behind. Many healthcare providers are at an inflection point where they have to decide if they are going to be a beneficiary or a casualty of digital technology.

We are delighted to be helping providers cross the chasm to being a beneficiary!